August 2, 2010                                                                                                            

T.A.C.'s New AWD Vehicle                                             
Done. This was the really complicated one.And yes, the "toaster", too.And yes, on all four sides!Rain or shine . . .the last piece









June 12th, 2009

TAC First Annual Fundraiser SILENT AUCTION at The Palms Hotel South Beach

May 4th, 2009

TAC Florida Gears Up for Hurrican Season 2009

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April 30th , 2009

Dos Equis rents Pinzgauer 100 Command vehicle for "XX"
Beverage Promotion in Florida                                                                             VIEW IMAGES 4

March 9th, 2009

A breeze of fresh air for TAC - Technical Aid Convoy Florida's Pinzgauer
Command Vehicle receives a most-appreciated air conditioning unit

February 15th, 2009

Technical Aid Convoy Florida (TAC) opts for additional Pinzgauer vehicles

The volunteer Firefighter Brigade of Altaussee, Austria is getting ready to replace their Pinzgauer rescue vehicles. What a better opportunity for TAC than to seize the first option on another, specifically equipped, proven-to-work  Pinzgauer for the Florida Technical Aid Convoy.

In April '08 the German Firefighter Magazine (Feuerwehrmagazin) published an article about the capabilities and  distinct task vehicles of local firefighter brigades in Austria. While spending time there during his 2009 skiing vacation, Robert Kamski, founder and president of TAC Florida, visited four local firestations (Altaussee, Goessl, St. Veit, Turrach) and learned about incredible opportunities to improve the power of TAC Florida.


January 23rd, 2009

TAC on the road - Training for Turkey Point Exercise

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TAC Florida Technical Aid Convoy vehicles receive decals

(Miami, Florida - May 9, 2008/TAC) - -  Today was a big day for the organizers of TAC, as the TAC specialty vehicles received their final "make-up" by Hangmen, Inc. of Miami, who came by and installed the last decal signage on all four cars.

The owner of Hangmen, Inc., Jim Flowers, personally oversaw the project through rain and shine.

Thank you so much for all your efforts. It was great working with professionals like you on this project. And, of course, thank you very much for your contribution by giving TAC an excellent deal!

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Ian Wogan
Jim Flowers, owner
visit Hangmen Inc. online - Environmental Graphics + Signage
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Harley Komar
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LAST UPDATE: February 16, 2012
TECHNICAL AID CONVOY          TAC South Florida Chapter     
First Response Unit in Catastrophic Events
TAC is a Public Charity 501(c)-3 organization registered under the Florida Statutes of Law                                                                                      
January 13, 2010                                                                                                            

T.A.C. Miami supports rescue efforts in Haiti                                           VIEW IMAGES 4

    Only hours after the massive earthquake in Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 in Haiti, the T.A.C. Miami was alerted by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Miami about the imminent arrival of a reconnaissance team of the German THW (Federal Agency for Desaster Relief/ Technisches Hilfswerk), dispatched by the German Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

    Four specialists of the THW’s search and rescue teams and water specialists arrived late night on January 13th. Unknown to them pick-up had been organized by the T.A.C. (Technical Aid Convoy) at the Miami Intl. Airport with one of their three T.A.C.  Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicles.

    In addition to well deserved rest T.A.C. Miami provided additional equipment for the THW-team to take along, like specialty flashlights, a night vision scope and gas detector cards which might come in very handy when working the grounds in Haiti. Early next morning the group continued their journey to the Dominican Republic, where they were expected by personnel of the German embassy and outfitted with four-wheel drive vehicles for their last leg to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, over land.

    The primary task of the THW-team is to scale the extent of the disaster and report back all findings to the German THW headquarters, in order to determine the necessary additional equipment and number of personnel to be sent to aid the people of Haiti. Very early it became clear that water had to have the highest priority. Therfore a second THW-team out of Germany was already underway to the Dom. Republic along with their highly specialized water purification gear (SEEWA unit Rapid Deployment Unit Water Supply).

    Meanwhile the T.A.C. Miami had already requested water radiation units from Osram/Siemens in Germany. Those units, combined with a battery and a solar cell will keep the purified water germ free at the distribution points. Thanks to the quick response by DHL transportation and a generous donation from the Osram/Siemens company those units have already arrived.

    The T.A.C. Miami would like to express their sincerest thanks to Osram/Siemens, CATV, Miami and Sunforce Products in Canada for their generous support to bring 100 completed units to Haiti, which will produce 8.000 liters of drinking water per hour.

    Currently T.A.C. is continuously working to provide more heavy equipment, like jack hammers with generators and light sets to be brought to Haiti as soon as possible.
After the German THW reconnaissance team left Miami for Haiti, 100 units of OSRAM/Siemens PURITEC UVC Disinfection lamps arrived at the Miami warehouse of T.A.C.The T.A.C. team of volunteers unload the delivery vanand unpack the shipment, which was transported there by DHL.These units, combined with a battery and solar cell will keep purified water sanitary at the distribution points.To save on volume, all components were unpacked and combined to one full unit/each. Here you see Carmen, from Germany . . . 
Natalia from Colombia . . .and Imme Kamski from Miami scrambling to get everything done as fast as possible.On short notice Hangmen Inc. provided T.A.C. with templates for proper labeling of the shipment for the journey to Haiti.The German THW experts SEEWA (Rapid Deployment Unit Water Abroad) are setting up shop, initially providing drinking water for up to 50,000 people in the devastated Port-au-Prince region.
The water is first stored in these blue flexible containers, and then distributed via
or by truck . . .distribution stations like this one . . . 
or handed out to people who bring their own containers to centally located distribution points.Additional stations have meanwhile been set up in the Logane area, about 35 km west of Port-au-Prince, providing up to 6,000 liters of drinking water per hour each.The water quality is continously tested by the THW SEWAA specialist for quality assurance.As of Jan. 27 the THW produces over 170,000 liters drinking water daily, distributed at more than 20 water stations
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THW reconnaissance team at airport Miami, FL
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May 23, 2010                                                                                                            

T.A.C. Vehicle Terrain Training "Sand"                                    CLICK THUMBNAILS FOR LARGER VIEW 6

Vehicle Training "Sand"
Garage Sale Fundraiser
Haiti Rescue Efforts
Silent Auction Palms Hotel
TAC gears up for season
Dos Equis Promotion
A/C for TAC vehicle #100
TAC Opts for new vehicles
TAC Turkey Point Training
TAC vehicles receive decals

Thanks to a very generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kamski, TAC in Miami will receive an additional vehicle shortly.
This Mercedes G is a fully equipped truck including a generator, full set of tools and other very important items needed for the work of TAC.

The car is currently being stripped at the body shop and will receive its TAC colors and decals shortly.

Body work done. Picture to follow. Waiting for decals