Author: Tiffany Holland

24 Sep by Tiffany Holland

Financial support for borrowers! Does everyone deserve?

Sounds abstract right? On October 9, 2015, the Act on supporting borrowers in financial difficulties who took out a housing loan entered into force. What conditions must be met to receive support? However, it is known that not everyone will receive them, so what to do if we do not meet the statutory requirements? How […]
4 Jul by Tiffany Holland

Apply for a mini-loan online from € 50 to € 10,000

Below is an overview of the mini loan (s) or flash credits that are being discussed and that we recommend on this site as mini credit providers in the Netherlands and Belgium. By pushing the button below you will automatically reach the site of the service provider. It is up to you to request a […]
2 Jul by Tiffany Holland

Financial Habits That Help You Borrow a Loan Faster

There are times when we need a faster loan.. The uncertainty is cruel! What life can give us in the future is a very uncertain thing. We may need a huge amount of money to buy a home or finance a car, or we may also have to pay unexpected medical expenses in an emergency. […]
23 May by Tiffany Holland

Loans to families: strong growth for children

Loans to families: growing rapidly to meet the needs of children The most recent data showed a strong growth in loan applications by Italian families: + 13% compared to last year in the personal aggregate + finalized. In particular, loans for the purchase of goods and services increased by 18.4%, demonstrating that the Italians have […]
18 May by Tiffany Holland

Good Finance as a mini-loan provider

You can apply for a loan quickly and easily. However, the question always remains what the conditions are, which is not entirely unimportant when you take out a loan. What can you borrow, when do you have to pay back and what are the consequences if you cannot pay on time? What does Good Finance offer? Good […]
18 May by Tiffany Holland

What you need to know when applying for a payday loan

  Applying for a payday loan The latest data on payday loans, reported markedly growing (in February 2017 requests increased by as much as 6.3% compared to the same month of 2016, with an average amount that broke through 13 thousand euros), show that families Italians, having overcome the most delicate phase of the crisis, […]
11 May by Tiffany Holland

Loans for youth employment

Loans for youth employment: agreement between the SWE and Pyrobanking SWE, the European Investment Bank, and Pyrobanking have signed an agreement that provides for the first joint loan in Italy for youth employment. The transaction, worth a total of 120 million euros, will be conveyed by Mediocredito Italiano, the business finance hub of the Pyrobanking […]