Apply for a mini-loan online from € 50 to € 10,000

4 Jul by Tiffany Holland

Apply for a mini-loan online from € 50 to € 10,000

Below is an overview of the mini loan (s) or flash credits that are being discussed and that we recommend on this site as mini credit providers in the Netherlands and Belgium. By pushing the button below you will automatically reach the site of the service provider. It is up to you to request a free quote. Attention! If you do not meet the loan conditions as stated, you will not be eligible for a mini loan. Applying for a mini loan makes no sense at all.

Quickly borrow money up to € 1000 with a term of 30 days

Do you want to enjoy a carefree shopping? The small loan is a great way to borrow money if you need a minimum amount quickly. Because the Mini Loan is suitable for a maximum amount of € 1000.00 for a maximum duration of 15 or 30 days, this has become a very popular form of borrowing money.

For people with a negative Good Finance registration , it is still possible in some cases to take out a mini loan. It is, however, important here which coding you received at the Good Finance. You can request a quote free of charge and without obligation and you will immediately receive a message with your options. After checking and obtaining approval for a flash credit, the money is generally in your account within 24 hours. Top service!

Money in 10 minutes

Zaloan is the best known, reliable and flexible provider of Mini Credit and is now finally available in the Netherlands. Here you can borrow a small amount from € 100 to € 800 for a maximum term of 45 days. This allows you to borrow more money for a longer duration than the other Minilening providers.

In times of need it is nice if you can go somewhere to borrow a small amount. It can always happen that an unexpected bill comes in, something breaks in the house or if you want to get away from it all. A Mini Loan offers an absolute solution. You must be aware that borrowing money is not free and that there are always costs involved. If you have actually repaid the amount within the agreed period, you can borrow a small amount fairly cheaply. If you do not meet the agreements, you can assume that there are unnecessary extra costs associated with the loan. Borrowing money costs money, always repay the loan within the agreed period.

Mini loan possible with negative Good Finance?

In a sense, it is therefore possible to borrow money with a negative Good Finance registration. However, we do not talk about large loans such as the Personal loan or the Revolving credit , just to name a few examples. You can borrow a Mini Credit for a maximum of € 600

In general, you are not eligible for a loan if you are registered negatively with the Good Credit. In many cases this is better for the consumer himself. The Good Finance is an agency that ensures that a consumer is negative

is registered by, for example, a payment arrears, debt not repaid, bills not being paid or paid too late, etc. By giving a consumer a negative registration, the Good Finance prevents this person from taking out further loans or subscriptions, this for the safety of the consumer. consumer. Other authorities first consult the Good Finance before paying out a loan to the relevant consumers.

As soon as a Mini Loan application is submitted to a lender, a Good Finance review is made for the person concerned at all times. It is wrong to think that borrowing money without Good Finance testing exists. It is true, however, that a Good Finance test only takes place with an amount to be borrowed in excess of € 1,000. This makes it possible to take out a loan with a negative registration.